2007 - Benjamin Scabell - Digital Compositor

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watch my Showreel 2007 on vimeo (recommended for mobile users)
my showreel 2007, including a wide range of projects (compositing, editing, 3D, logo animations) I have been working on from 2003-2007.

Mont Blanc image film
Edesio "ritmo caliente" music video
Campari Mixx pitch
Monster Allergy commercial
Spongebob Squarepants "Fan DVD" commercial
Arrested Development CD commercial
Banzai! student project fictional commercial
Lutricia McNeal CD commercial
Ferdi Fuchs Miniwuerstchen commercial
Hugo Boss "10 years China" image film
Skaibl's little Space Tale student project
Not again! student project
Production Friends logo animation
Tatamia logo animation
KMAS Service commercial
Partyline service commercial
DPD "there" image film
cloud test hobby project
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