2015 - Benjamin Scabell - Digital Compositor

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vfx Showreel 2015 (77mb)
The 2015 showreel contains a wide range of projects and gives a profound overlook of my skills.
There is full CG work, stereo CG work, CG integrational work, matte painting integrations, full 2D comps, some particle systems as well.
Warning, contains gore.

Projects included in this reel:

Frankenstein Chronicles (Screen Scene Dublin)
Ripper Street Season 4 (Screen Scene Dublin)
Terminator Genisys (Double Negative London)
Insurgent (Double Negative London)
Meine allerschlimmste Freundin (Trixter Munich)
The Heart of the Sea (Double Negative London)
The Cut (Mackevision Stuttgart)
The 7th Dwarf (Animationsfabrik Hamburg)
Keinohrhase und Zweiohrk├╝ken (Animationsfabrik Hamburg)
300: Rise of an Empire (ScanlineVFX Munich)
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