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BMW M Series 2021 / commercial

Benjamin Scabell - Digital Compositor
Published by Skaibl in 2020 · 1 January 2020
Tags: CommercialNukeParticlesParasolIslandListAll
client: BMW
post-production: Parasol Island
year: 2020
my part: retouche, retimes, stabilisation, combination of takes, adding fire, sparkle particle system, cracks

For a series of BMW Image films for the new M Series 2021 I worked at Parasol Island to add a series of subtle visual effects. Adding floating fire above a man's hands, using the Nuke Particle system to create sparks when a trophy scratches over the ground. Two takes were retimed and combined to have a man stomp on a glass surface, shot from below, with added cracks. The yellow BMW had to be stabilised, retimed between the other two cars to have it accelerate in the correct way the client wished for.





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