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Hinterland / movie

director: Stefan Ruzowitzky
post-production: Benuts
year: 2020 / release 2021
vfx supervisor: Ronald Grauer
my part: matte painting animation, integration, set extensions, retouche, rotos
Skaibl | 1/1/2020

Shazam! / movie

post-production: Rise FX
year: 2019
vfx supervisor: Jonathan Weber
my part: CG replacements, set extensions, retouche, matte painting integration
Skaibl | 1/1/2019

Ad Astra / movie

post-production: Mr. X
year: 2018
vfx supervisor: Olaf Wendt
my part: sequence lead compositor, CG visor integration, CG space station
Skaibl | 1/1/2018

The empty man / movie

director: David Prior
post-production: Mr. X
year: 2018 / released 2020
vfx supervisor: Dennis Berardi
my part: set and weapon extensions, cg character replacement, gore
Skaibl | 1/1/2018

The Cut / movie

director: fatih akin
post-production: mackevision stuttgart
year: 2014
vfx supervisor: Juri Stannosek
my parts: senior compositor
Skaibl | 1/1/2014

Priest / movie

director: scott charles stewart
post-production: trixter film
year: 2011
stereo conversion supervisor: Jan Stoltz / Dietrich Hasse
my part: lead stereoscopic conversion
Skaibl | 1/1/2011

Die Ärzte / SAE student project

main focus: animation / compositing
year: 2002

For this student project at the SAE institute Hamburg we were asked to create and compose a figure into some scenes from the music vdieo "Männer sind Schweine" by the german rock group Die Ärtze. In the original from the music video Lara Croft was fighting the musicians.
Skaibl | 1/1/2002
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